• Celebrate another new partner of Runhui Packaging in the children's products industry
    Kudouding Children's Products Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the sales of strollers, umbrellas, play beds, fabric beds, shakers, and high-end environmental protection cribs around the "Koudouding" brand. Hui packaging to understand the negotiations and sample trials to formally reach a cooperation agreement with Runhui Packaging this summer. Make Runhui packaging for children [2016-09-01]
  • Runhui teaches you how to identify the quality of pearl cotton packaging materials
    Because EPE pearl cotton has many advantages such as water resistance, moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat insulation, good plasticity, toughness, recycling, environmental protection, and strong impact strength, it not only does not pollute the environment, and can be repeatedly used. Cotton foam material is a new type of material that will never linger. [2016-08-31]
  • Why choose Runhui EPE pearl cotton manufacturer what can we do for you?
    Foshan Runhui EPE pearl cotton manufacturers will provide customers with a full range of solutions based on sincere cooperation, honesty, pragmatism and a win-win business philosophy. To meet the needs of customers with the best prices, best products and perfect services. [2016-08-31]
  • Why EPE pearl cotton composite aluminum film (aluminum foil) is so popular
    The demand for pearl cotton composite aluminum film has increased sharply in recent years. It is usually used as decoration materials for the interior walls of buildings and interior furniture. It is also widely used in the facade and interior decoration of commercial institutions, especially in the three major areas of packaging, electrical and mechanical and construction. Becomes essential. [2016-08-26]
  • Analysis of EPE Pearl Cotton Shaped Processing to Reduce Costs
    With the rise of pearl cotton in the packaging industry, the application market of pearl cotton is becoming more and more extensive, and various shaped pearl cotton has become the mainstream packaging! However, the production cost of this kind of special-shaped pearl cotton is often a headache for many pearl cotton manufacturers. Manual + various machines + raw materials have caused conventional products to be more expensive than special-shaped customized products, and the prices are too high for customers to accept. [2016-08-25]
  • Can EPE pearl cotton floor moisture-proof film really protect the floor?
    The floor moisture-proof film is made of PE film compounded with pearl cotton. Firstly, the pearl cotton itself has the functions of anti-wear, waterproof, moisture-proof and heat insulation, and the pearl cotton has good softness and cushioning properties. Tensile toughness, moisture resistance and heat insulation performance are stronger. [2016-08-24]
  • Runhui Packaging Aspires to Become China's No. 1 Brand of Pearl Cotton Packaging Materials
    Runhui Packaging has the only research center for physical foam plastic pearl cotton production equipment in China. Combining many years of experience in producing pearl cotton production equipment, Runhui Packaging is determined to build the first brand of pearl cotton packaging materials in China. [2016-08-22]
  • Professional shaped pearl cotton! Only unexpected, not impossible!
    Ms. Tian, the chairman of Runhui Packaging, has great confidence in the development of pearl cotton profile! And before we expand our business, we solemnly promise: For custom-made pearl cotton profile materials, our company will design unconditionally for customers free of charge, free proofing. [2016-08-22]
  • How much do you know about EPE pearl cotton shock-proof lining
    Pearl cotton inner liner is a kind of packing box with an inner lining. This inner liner is also called EPE pearl cotton inner lining. There are many whiteboard boxes, color boxes, and outer boxes in the market. , Its role is mainly to play a role in protecting the product, the purpose is to prevent damage to the product during transportation. [2016-08-20]
  • Foshan Nanhai Runhui EPE Pearl Cotton Packaging Material Introduction
    From the perspective of consumers, Runhui Packaging selects the custom-made pearl cotton material packaging provided by Runhui, which will be shipped within one week to ensure that various enterprises can receive the products as soon as possible and the entire vehicle is shipped. Our company supports the factory In-driver trucks are delivered to your door. At the same time, we provide customers with high-quality after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction. [2016-08-15]
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