• EPE pearl cotton is extremely pure in color and white in texture, and is often used to package high-end products. Therefore, pearl cotton wine packaging has naturally become a natural packaging material, and pearl cotton has become the most mainstream red wine packaging material. [2016-05-31]
    [Red wine packaging] EPE pearl cotton red wine box inside care
  • "Pearl Cotton Cocktail Inner Packaging" can be processed to customize to maximize the protection requirements of cocktails. According to its transportation, different packaging methods are used to customize the packaging method. There are packaging products that can be customized in different shapes and colors according to different aesthetics! [2016-05-11]
    Cocktail packaging lined with pearl cotton beverage lined
  • Foshan Runhui Packaging Material Co., Ltd. has now launched a new product, "Pearl Cotton Beer Inner Packaging", which is a customized product for pearl cotton profile processing that is tailored to the collision of beer during transportation. The packaging material selected for the pearl cotton beer packaging inner tray is the latest environmentally friendly material-pearl cotton. [2016-05-03]
    〖Beer Inner Packaging〗 Pearl Cotton Inner Packaging
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