• The most powerful performance of pearl cotton packaging is its excellent processability, which means that pearl cotton materials can be processed into molds to meet the requirements of various lighting packaging products through die cutting, process cutting, bonding, extrusion, and compression molding. [2016-08-04]
    Pearl cotton car LED headlight packing box inner packing material
  • Pearl cotton is widely used in the packaging of lamps and lanterns, because most of the lamps and lanterns are using LED light sources, which are fragile. In logistics and transportation, the packaging must be shockproof and drop-proof to maintain the beauty of the lamp. [2016-06-25]
    Track Light Pearl Cotton Shockproof Lining Packaging Material Introduction
  • LED ceiling lamp pearl cotton packaging specifications and sizes can be freely designed and produced, which can fully meet the packaging requirements of LED ceiling lamps. In addition, the LED ceiling lamp pearl cotton has a pure white appearance and a delicate texture. From the aspect of packaging aesthetics, it is more in line with the characteristics of crystal clear, elegant appearance of the LED ceiling lamp. [2016-05-18]
    LED ceiling lamp pearl cotton packaging-LED tube lighting package
  • The pearl cotton LED tube packaging produced by Runhui Packaging will gradually replace the traditional packaging materials on the market and open up a whole new side for the entire light stick packaging market. EPE pearl cotton LED tube packaging is an advanced and environmentally friendly packaging. material. [2016-01-23]
    [LED tube packaging] Introduction of pearl cotton LED tube packaging
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