• The handling and transportation of eggs has always been a core problem that has plagued people. The pearl cotton egg tray packaging produced by Runhui Packaging Materials will gradually replace the traditional egg tray packaging and become a new material for egg tray product packaging in the market. [2016-08-09]
    [Egg tray packing] Pearl cotton egg tray packing material
  • Pearl cotton duck egg tray packaging will gradually replace the traditional duck egg tray packaging and become the first choice for egg tray products in the market. Today, with increasing quality of life, Runhui Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. will do its best to provide the market with the highest quality pearl cotton duck eggs. Packaging products. [2016-06-10]
    Duck egg tray packing—Duck egg tray pearl cotton packing material
  • Pearl cotton quail egg tray packaging is made of new EPE material, which has strong shock resistance, drop resistance and compression resistance! It is the product of choice for agricultural ecological egg transportation. Quail eggs are packaged by courier and shipped in gift boxes. Pearl cotton quail egg tray is breathable, environmentally friendly and lightweight. [2016-01-23]
    Comprehensive analysis of quail egg tray pearl cotton packaging material
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