Pearl cotton bag
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[Introduction] EPE bag is also called EPE bag, full name: EPE EPE bag. It is a kind of packaging bag with soft texture and rich elasticity, which can effectively prevent items from colliding and vibrating. It can be made into various shapes, and has the functions of anti-moisture, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, so it is widely used in our lives.
Pearl cotton bag
Pearl cotton bag
EPE bag
Pearl cotton bag
Pearl cotton bag
EPE bag is also called EPE bag, full name: EPE EPE bag. Since the simple material is very easy to break, it is necessary to add a layer of PE film on the pearl cotton to increase the tensile properties and tear resistance. Achieve protection product functions.
[Material] High-quality pearl cotton, PE film.
[Equipment] laminating machine, folding machine, bag making machine.
[Process] Firstly, high-quality pearl cotton (EPE) is used to laminating the PE film on the surface by a laminating machine, and then folded in half by a folding machine, and then using an automatic bag making machine or a semi-automatic bag making machine to make bags.
[Use] EPE pearl cotton bags are widely used in: electronic product packaging, transportation, postal delivery, precision equipment packaging, LCD electronic packaging, CD packaging and so on.
Product introduction Pearl cotton bag is a kind of soft and flexible packaging bag, which can effectively prevent items from collision and vibration. It can be made into various shapes, and has the functions of anti-moisture, anti-corrosion and heat preservation, so it is widely used in our lives.
EPE, also known as pearl cotton, is a high-foam polyethylene product that is produced by kneading high-pressure low-density polyethylene (LDPE) as the main raw material. It has almost no water and moisture absorption, can prevent oil and moisture, and can resist the corrosion of many compounds. EPE with durability such as mechanical oils and greases has light weight and good cushioning properties. Each goal is very suitable for using EPE as packaging information. It can meet different packaging needs and meet different packaging needs: antistatic, resistance Flammability, or various packaging colors, easy to process. No other chemical derivatives occur during the production process. The discarded EPE can be recycled and reused. It has no pollution to the environment and conforms to the environmental protection norms of EPE. Cheap. As a result, EPS, wrapping paper and other packaging materials have now been replaced in a wide range
Applications <br /> 1. Shockproof packaging 1 , TV, refrigerator, home appliances and cross-product packaging, electronic equipment and work tool packaging 2, precision equipment such as anti-static packaging, ceramics, glass, optical instrument packaging 3, construction Loss-proof packaging for bricks, furniture, lacquerware and musical instruments 4. Packaging for various export products <br /> 2. Materials for daily sundry goods 1 , materials for various luggage fabrics, materials for thermal insulation bags 2, various travel mats Materials, automotive insulation and shading films <br /> 3. Agricultural, aquatic and sports materials 1 , thermal insulation materials for greenhouses, various aquatic industry buoyancy materials 2, life jackets, lifebuoy buoyancy materials <br /> 4 , construction and Materials for civil engineering 1. Insulation and waterproofing materials for roofs, roads, airport runways, buffers and anti-shrink materials for culverts and bridges 2. Insulation, soundproofing and moisture-proof materials for flooring and wall surfaces, waterproofing and seismic materials for building bottom layers 3 , Insulation materials for pipes and insulation materials for ventilation pipes, and products for the construction of an outdoor protection layer of pearl cotton bag system, which can be found on the website
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