Celebrate another new partner of Runhui Packaging in the children's products industry
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Fashion, health, safety, environmental protection, and warmth are the requirements of hundreds of millions of parents for children's products. A good brand not only strives for excellence in product details, but also requires environmental protection and health in packaging.
Kudouding Children's Products Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the sales of strollers, umbrellas, play beds, fabric beds, shakers, and high-end environmental protection cribs around the "Koudouding" brand. Hui packaging to understand the negotiations and sample trials to formally reach a cooperation agreement with Runhui Packaging this summer. This makes Runhui Packaging a new partner in the children's products industry.
Kudouding Children's Products Co., Ltd.
As a rising brand in the e-commerce company's children's products industry, Doudou Ding focuses on baby carriages and cribs in the field of mother and baby products with a continuously innovative product chain, safe and professional product quality. Refined, recently in Taobao, Tmall, has become the industry's authoritative brand, creating children's products fashion, health, safety, environmental protection, warm baby products concept.
In the initial selection of packaging materials, Kudouding was interested in Runhui Packaging, which is derived from the "pearl cotton" material featured by Runhui Packaging. Everyone knows that in the packaging industry, especially the packaging used by e-commerce companies can go around the world every day. In the circle, the waste and discarded packaging materials used in express packaging have become a major problem of social environmental pollution, so green environmental protection and secondary recycling can become the desire of many enterprises and even national environmental organizations.
Pearl cotton is composed of countless independent bubbles produced by low-density polyethylene grease through physical foaming. It has many advantages such as shock resistance, strong toughness, recycling, and strong impact resistance. It is the most advanced protective inner packaging material in the world at present. The white appearance has luxurious style without losing its good impact protection effect. It is also the trend of high-end packaging development in the future.
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