Can EPE pearl cotton floor moisture-proof film really protect the floor?
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[Introduction] The floor moisture-proof film is made of PE film compounded with pearl cotton. First of all, pearl cotton has the functions of wear-resistant, waterproof, moisture-proof and heat-insulating, and has good softness and cushioning properties. Moisture-proof film has better tensile toughness, moisture-proof heat insulation performance.
When many people are paving the floor, they will find that everyone will lay a common plastic film under the floor. This plastic film is called a "floor moisture-proof film". Now when the floor is installed, a moisture-proof film needs to be installed underneath. This kind of moisture-proof mat is a partition between the floor and the ground. It is close to the ground and mainly plays a role in preventing moisture, protecting the floor, increasing elasticity, and finding equality on the ground. Moreover, the moisture-proof pad can also play a good role in blocking dust. In addition, the pearl cotton material is a green product and does not contain pollutants.
Floor protective film
From the point of view of moisture resistance, no matter how good the wooden floor is, it can't compare with the most common plastic film. Because the ground looks dry again, moisture will evaporate when heated, so the floor heat-proof heating requires the use of a floor moisture-proof film. However, it is also required that the floor moisture-proof film has a certain thickness and good tensile toughness.
The floor moisture-proof film is made of PE film compounded with pearl cotton . Firstly, the pearl cotton itself has the functions of anti-wear, waterproof, moisture-proof and heat insulation, and the pearl cotton has good softness and cushioning properties. Tensile toughness, moisture resistance and heat insulation performance are stronger.
Pearl cotton floor protective film
From the perspective of tensile toughness, the floor moisture-proof film must have higher requirements for toughness, mainly from whether the surface PE film and pearl cotton are tightly bonded. A good floor moisture-proof film cannot easily fall off its PE film. In addition, when protecting the floor, the thicker the floor moisture-proof film is, the better, generally about 2 cm. If it is too thick, the floor has a large room for manoeuvre, and it will easily arch when the time is long.
In view of the market demand and installation effect of the floor moisture-proof film, the floor moisture-proof film is an effective method to protect the floor, and it is also a relatively low-cost material.
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