How much do you know about EPE pearl cotton shock-proof lining
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[Guide] Pearl cotton inner liner is a kind of packing box plus a liner, this inner liner is also called EPE pearl cotton liner. There are many whiteboard boxes, color boxes, and outer boxes in the market. An inner lining is mainly used to protect the product, and the purpose is to prevent the product from being damaged during transportation.
Many people have known and used shock-proof linings. There are many on the market that use foam and sponge as lining materials. Maybe many people have n’t heard of pearl cotton linings. Actually, we can know literally. The so-called pearl cotton inner liner is a kind of packing box with an inner lining. This inner liner is also called EPE pearl cotton inner lining. There are many whiteboard boxes, color boxes, and outer boxes in the market. Lining, its role is mainly to protect the product, the purpose is not to damage the product during transportation.
So today, Xiaohui Runbian came to understand with you what are the characteristics and uses of pearl cotton inner care?
Pearl cotton shock-resistant inner support
Pearl cotton lining is divided according to density, there are high density and low density, and the most common one is the one with a density of 18kg, the middle 25, 27kg, and the higher one is 30, 35kg; and According to different colors, there are black, white, red, blue, and yellow. The high-quality pearl cotton inner support is soft and flexible, feels good, and the degree of softness and hardness can be adjusted.
Its main feature is that when the packaged product is impacted by an external force, it can absorb and disperse the impact force through its curvature to play a buffering role. This overcomes the ordinary foamed plastic that is fragile, deformed, and poor in recovery. Disadvantages.
Pearl cotton shock-resistant lining
The emerging pearl cotton inner support is getting better and better in design and can be applied to various products. It can also be customized according to the needs of different customers. Therefore, this pearl cotton inner support is also becoming more and more widely used, such as electronics and electronics. Plastic, instruments, air conditioners, ceramics, and other fragile items can be used. The reason why this high-quality pearl cotton inner tray can be widely used is that it has many other characteristics, such as this pearl. The cotton inner support not only prevents damage, but also has a series of superior use characteristics such as moisture resistance, heat insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-friction, anti-aging, and corrosion resistance. It plays a role of escort in the long-term transportation process, so It is welcomed by many people, especially industries such as logistics and high-tech electronics companies. It can be seen that this pearl cotton inner support effect is very significant, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of packaging products, and is an indispensable option for modern logistics.
I believe that through the above introduction, your understanding of this kind of pearl cotton inner support is no longer limited to literal. If you pay more attention to the things around you, you will find that this kind of pearl cotton inner support has been widely used. , Because in addition to packaging, it may also be used in a wide range of fields such as construction, electrical and mechanical engineering. Related products:
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