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Foshan Runhui Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

坐落于广东佛山市南海区丹灶镇金沙金城工业区,占地面积4000平方米,建筑面积5000余平方米,拥有国内最大、最先进的发泡机生产线设备。 Foshan Runhui Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is located in Jinsha Jincheng Industrial Zone, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It covers an area of 4,000 square meters and a construction area of more than 5,000 square meters. Introduced the most advanced production technology at home and abroad, so that the first-line standardized production quality has reached the domestic leading position.

、等多元化高新技术企业。 Foshan Runhui Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a collection of R & D, production and sales. It has specialized in producing EPE pearl cotton, coils, plates, profiles, pipes, rods, edge protection, corner protection, printing, pearl cotton packaging Materials , and other diversified high-tech enterprises. The produced products have the characteristics of clean and beautiful appearance, non-toxic, odorless, environmental protection and pollution-free, acid resistance, alkali resistance, a variety of shock resistance, anti-buffering, non-absorption, heat insulation and so on. Deeply loved and trusted by the majority of corporate customers! Has accumulated rich experience in the domestic market, and has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many well-known domestic and foreign-funded enterprises. ......... [View details]

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Address of Company: Jinsha Jincheng Industrial Zone, Danzao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City
Mobile: 13928261192
Contact: Mr. Lin

EPE pearl cotton packaging material
EPE packaging material
Foshan Nanhai Runhui Packaging Material Co., Ltd.
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  • Foaming machine

    The foaming machine used by Runhui is energy-saving, efficient and stable in operation. It is the leading brand in the foaming machine! The EPE pearl cotton packaging material we produce has good density and strong tensile force. Welcome to Runhui Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. to buy.

  • Vertical cutting machine

    The vertical cutting machine purchased by Runhui is the latest EPE packaging material production equipment. The packaging materials we produce are produced through a whole production line. Our technology is leading, the production technology is high, and the production technology is good.

Pearl cotton packing material
EPE Introduction
Introduction and description
Polyethylene foamed cotton is a non-crosslinked closed-cell structure, also known as EPE pearl cotton, which is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material. It is composed of low-density polyethylene grease through physical foaming to produce numerous independent bubbles. It overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary styrofoam, such as fragility, deformation and poor recovery. It has many advantages such as water and moisture resistance, shock resistance, sound insulation, heat preservation, good plasticity, strong toughness, recycling, environmental protection, strong impact resistance, etc., and also has good chemical resistance. It is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials.
Widely used in automotive cushions, pillows, electronic appliances, instruments, computers, audio, medical equipment, industrial control cabinets, hardware lighting, crafts, glass, ceramics, household appliances, spraying, furniture, furniture, alcohol and resin, etc. Packaging, hardware products, toys, melon, inner packaging of leather shoes, packaging of daily necessities and other products. After adding color antistatic agent and flame retardant, its outstanding performance is even more obvious. Not only the appearance is exquisite, but also effectively prevent static electricity and ignition.
EPE and various fabric adhesive products are good interior decoration materials for various vehicles and rooms. The composite products of EPE and aluminum foil or aluminized film have excellent anti-infrared ultraviolet capability, and are necessary supplies for some chemical equipment refrigerators and camping equipment automobile sunshades. Its pipes are widely used in industries such as air conditioners, baby carriages, children's toys, furniture, plumbing and ventilation.
Service concept: everything starts from meeting the needs of customers, and it is the responsibility to provide products or services that meet customer needs, and customer satisfaction is the operating purpose. Service concept: "Customer is always the first place". Starting from the actual needs of customers, we provide customers with truly valuable services and help customers use products better. Practice the core service concept of "good customer service image, good technology, good customer relationship, and good brand". With the most professional staff, pay attention to each and every customer's service needs in a timely and comprehensive manner. , Comprehensive and fast service, so that customers experience ubiquitous satisfaction and trustworthy intimate experience. Service Commitment: We will continue to adhere to the "quality first, customer first, credit first" purpose, to meet the needs of customers with the most preferential prices, the best products and the most comprehensive services. Rely on innovation and excellent quality, produce first-class products, create first-class benefits, and create a beautiful and brilliant tomorrow with you! We can provide professional and personalized full-process application solutions according to the actual needs of each valued customer to help our Customers enjoy high standards of professional services at a lower cost. We adhere to industry norms and rely on unremitting efforts to ensure the globalization of manufacturing systems and quality assurance systems. From the goal to the purpose, to the specific policy, we attach great importance to every detail that affects our product image, think what customers think, and provide customers with the best service. Provide customers with continuous, efficient and fast services; based on a loyal customer service awareness, show customers a good image of us; provide high-quality service teams to customers with the best service; establish a user-centric work style; Establish a comprehensive service network to provide users with professional, standardized and diversified services; meet the needs of customers with first-class pre-sales and after-sales service levels.
Runhui Packaging will provide customers with a full range of solutions based on a sincere attitude of cooperation, integrity, pragmatism and a win-win business philosophy. To meet the needs of customers with the best prices, the best products and the most complete services. Relying on innovation and excellent quality, producing first-class products and creating first-class benefits, we can provide professional and personalized application solutions according to the actual needs of each valued customer, helping our customers to enjoy high standards at a lower cost. professional service. At the same time, customers are welcome to come to the local site inspections and sincerely solve your problems. We can do better with your support and trust. We believe in our ability and witness the strength of your company. You and I work together to create more wealth and glory. Foshan Nanhai Runhui Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is the largest professional manufacturer of EPE pearl cotton packaging materials. Welcome to buy!
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